My passion for horses and my interest in the body led me to Osteopathy; I love helping riders be pain free and perform better with Strength & Conditioning Coaching



Phoebe Parkinson (was Bolton) is a Human and Equine Osteopath in Cheltenham who specialises in Rider Strength and Conditioning Coaching.

Phoebe has always had a love for horses and pursued a career in Osteopathy so that she could work with them on a day to day basis. Humans, however, proved equally fascinating, as did the interaction and between the horse and rider.

Studying for her Master's thesis, Phoebe assessed the kinematic variables which contributed to low back pain in horse riders. The results of this literature review revealed that riders had higher levels of back pain, compared to the normal population, and this was associated with asymmetry and muscle activation, rather than rider experience, intensity and duration of riding per week or discipline (excluding jockeys).




Similarly, Phoebe found that many clients had their horse assessed and treated, but failed to see that their own stiff hip or shoulder pain was influencing the horse's symptoms. Ignoring the rider's tension, weakness and stiffness and focusing on just treating the horse is selling yourself short. Frequently, the rider is maintaining the horse's problems but never thinks to get themselves treated.

Reducing the risk of injury and trying to solve problems before they become symptomatic is at the heart of Phoebe's Horse and Rider Osteopathy and Rider Strength and Conditioning Programme. This helps both the horse and rider not only feel and move better, but also perform better.

Phoebe currently owns Joey, 2013 zangersheide who she show jumps. Their adventures can be found on instagram at @horse_and_rider_osteopath

Phoebe's Qualifications

MSc Human Osteopathy         Oxford Brookes University

PG Dip. Animal Osteopathy          Osteopathic Centre for Animals

Medical Acupuncture Cert.     Osteon Manual Therapy

MSc Strength & Conditioning    St. Mary's University, Twickenham                      

Phoebe's Passions

Show jumping
Road Biking
Strength and Conditioning
Paleo Food
Classical Dressage


07912 629 350

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK