Horses Inside Out Research Awards 2nd Place!

The Horses Inside Out Annual Conference was this weekend and what a fantastic event! Titled "Backs, Balance and Biomechanics" I knew it would be right up my street. It was so good to hear lots of highly intelligent vets and researchers confirming the need for horse and rider asymmetry in order to prevent injuries and improve performance. I was thrilled to received 2nd place for the Research Award from my dissertation in Lower Back Pain in Horse Riders, it was particularly noted for being an innovated study, which well extremely well researched and provided riders with a very practical take-home message. It was very encouraging to hear that everything I believe and am trying to encourage with riders, is already a known truth among leading researchers and professional riders.

Some of the topics covered during the weekend and listed below, I will be writing them in more detailed blog articles over the coming weeks.

  • Dentistry - the horrors of poorly qualified equine dentists
  • Kissing Spines - are they always bad?
  • Surfaces - what is the best thing to ride on? 
  • Equine Locomotion Analysis - how 3D analysis and force plates are aiding diagnosis.
  • Are bone scans, x rays, and expensive examinations really worth it?
  • Equine Behaviour - how breeders will select genes for human husbandry in the future
  • Importance of Rider Balance
  • Equine Nutrition - how wetting your hay is so dangerous.
  • Why your horse needs Strength and Conditioning

Please let me know if there are any other topics which you would like me to find out about, or if you have any questions. Thank you.