PB Equestrian in Horse & Hound!

I am still excited when I think about being in Horse & Hound last month! I was featured in part of the 'Training and Courses' article which highlighted different things which riders could do after hours in order to progress their riding. 

I have been very fortunate and have gained a lot on interest since this publication, it's so lovely working with a wide variety of riders and helping them improve their riding. 

So what kinds of problems do people normally have?

  • Difficulty rotating their body and hips one way
  • Stiffness in hips and hamstrings
  • Poor balance on one leg
  • Good core strength in one position, but not in another
  • Poor pelvic stability
  • Difficulty with keeping shoulders in a good position

Many riders are often surprised when I comment on how they may find canter transition to the left difficult, or are always being pulled forward by their horse. Your body doesn't lie. Whether it is on my treatment couch or on your horse, your body will always move in a similar way. This is also true for the horse and I frequently find  when I do equine osteopathy that problems in the horse are due to the rider being too tense or weak.

However in a Strength & Conditioning session we focus our attention to these places of stiffness or weakness. As a result, riders are suddenly more aware of their posture and so are better able to correct it. It is these subtle, individual variations which you wouldn't know about by just attending a normal exercise class which really make all the difference. 

And the best part? 

All the exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home so you don't even have to go to the gym! Please call or email for a no obligation chat if riding better and using your body correctly is something you are interested in.